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rSTWeb is a system for producing multi-language websites which is based on reStructuredText using the python docutils and the Cheetah templating system.

A website consists of mainly 2 concepts: content and structure. With rSTWeb you define the structure of the site by creating a directory structure on your file-system. The content of each page is written in reStructuredText so your content sources will still be readable (compared to any of the XML solutions out there).

Static html pages will then be generated using Python docutils and Cheetah templates (which are used for defining the overall layout of the site).

This website is the best example of what rSTWeb is all about. Look at the sourcecode of each page to learn reStructuredText or browse the tutorial section.

This page was generated with rSTWeb, the Sourcecode for this page was written with reStructuredText. Carsten Eckelmann, [Python Powered] Logo